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The Midnite Guide to Manifestation

Let's be real...

Manifestation has blown up everywhere. We’ve been super into manifestation and positive affirmations for a while, so when we saw the topic getting more traction, we were so excited.

The power of your mind and what you put out into the universe is fucking awesome. How insane is it that the universe listens to you?! That YOU hold the power to manifest your dreams and desires. 

What is manifestation?

Manifestation and the law of attraction is all about your mindset. Think of it kind of like a mirror. If you’re putting out negativity and negative thoughts, the universe is reflecting it right back to you, because you’re attracting negativity. So when you transform that and start putting positive energy into the universe, it’s gonna send it right back to you.

Some types of manifestation we love and practice are writing down positive affirmations, creating vision boards, tapping into your third eye & visualizing your dream life and goals and actively being aware of thoughts and turning negative thoughts into positive ones.

Writing affirmations:

Grab a journal or notebook and clear your mind. Meditate and think about your goals. It’s easy to start topic by topic: love, work, money, relationships, etc.. Write down those things in the present tense, as if they’re already happening. It’s important to set your goals first so you can always focus back on those and you remember what’s important to you.

Some of our favorite affirmations we say constantly are:

  • I am a powerful force of love and a vessel for abundance.
  • I radiate love and others reflect love back to me
  • I live in an abundance of wealth.
  • I am open to accepting positive energy, love, miracles and more from the universe. 

Affirmations are really what you make of them so you don’t need to get caught up in the wording or how elegant it sounds, just make your intentions clear and use positive words. Don’t use negative words such as “don’t, won’t, never” Even though you can make the sentence sound positive, it can still contradict itself. For example, if you want to invite punctuality into your life, using an affirmation such as “I’m never late” still has the negative connotation with “never” and “late,” so instead, just change the sentence to “I’m always on time.”

Creating vision boards & visualizing your dream life:

This is a fun one! Go on pinterest and find photos of everything you want: your dream house, your dream car, dream wardrobe, dog, cat, anything you want. Compile all the pictures into either a document, canva, or photoshop and organize them into a mood board. Print it out and put it somewhere you’re always looking. There are crazy stories of people’s vision boards being so similar to what happens to them. Vision boards are a great way to constantly visualize and invite those positive thoughts into your life subconsciously.

Visualization is another incredibly powerful form of manifestation. Time to put on your best imagination hat! Visualize yourself in your dream car, dream house, on your dream vacation, anything from your vision board. Be specific! What does it look like? Visualize all of the details, like who you're with, what's around you, how do you feel being there? Visualize and feel that positive feeling of accomplishing your goals and living your dreams. One of our favorite times to visualize is at night before bed, because before you are about to dream you are opening up your subconscious. Visualization is a great technique to practice once you've organized your vision board, and every time you look at your vision board - visualize it. 

Turning negative thoughts into positive:

This one is definitely challenging but it really makes a difference. When you’re feeling down or in a negative headspace, stop and think about what's going on in your head. Be aware of how your mind is working and how you’re talking to yourself. Be aware of those negative thoughts and try to change your mentality. It isn’t easy! And it takes a lot of effort to be aware of it all the time, but it can really help change your thoughts and your life overall. Look at the world in a positive way. How can you make the best out of any situation? Change your mentality. Being positive will bring positivity into your life because you are attracting it.

Remember that you are a magnet. You want good things to happen to you, so invite them into your life. The universe is always listening to you and is always there for you. And so are we. We’re dedicated to always being here for you, to inspire you, to pick you up when you’re feeling down, and to brighten your day. Text us, dm us, we’ll be there for you. Go out today, spread positivity, and manifest your dreams.


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