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The Cool Collection

We’re so excited to have you here and even more excited to launch our brand new campaign. We’re so proud of our new campaign - The Cool Collection. We had the opportunity to use this campaign to reinvent ourselves as Midnite Minds, and this phrase really spoke to us. It’s kind of everything we want our brand to be.

Midnite Minds is a brand that inspires you to spark up a conversation with a stranger. When you wear one of our pieces, we want you to feel the confidence we are hoping to ignite in you. Have you ever been complimented by a stranger walking by you? It’s a pretty awesome feeling. It’s an even better feeling being the person who’s complimenting other people and getting to see how happy a small gesture makes someone. That’s f*cking dope. And that’s what we want to inspire you to do. 

Planning a new collection with us is always fun and exciting because we let our imagination run wild and then develop our ideas in reality. We launch two new product categories with this campaign: Hats + Totes. Hats were a no brainer. Dad hats are so in right now (when were they not) and perfect for every day. Bringing totes into the collection was an organic move because we were always looking for a cute everyday bag. And once we want something, we make make it ourselves  (iconic). 

As we were designing this collection we went through all the typical designer moves, “does this look good, what about a different color, will people connect with this, how does it make you feel” etc.

With us launching right before Halloween, we centered the collection around the color orange. Eventually we're going to launch more colors for this collection, but orange felt like the right place to start. 

We are so proud of this collection and have so much more planned. We can’t wait to keep inspiring you and having you inspire us. Let us know what you think of this collection and don’t forget, we always knew you were cool.

All the love,

Lo + Em

The Cool Collection


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