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All About Us! How We Do What We Do

Today we’re gonna give you guys the low down. The ins and outs of Midnite Minds, the secrets behind our brand and how we do what we do. We started our company at the beginning of the pandemic because we were both looking for something fulfilling and creative to do. We've been best friends for 7 years and we share a lot of the same passions, so creating a business together made a lot of sense.

Our first obstacle to tackle was finding ways to stay organized and get all of our ideas out and ready. We had tons of ideas and wanted to do so many things. Something we've learned a lot of throughout this year and a half is that it's okay to change your mind, change your logo, change your products/designs, etc. If something doesn't feel right or you're not loving it 100%, change it, and people who love it will find it.

Since we started this brand, we ran the business on opposite sides of the country. Lo lived in LA and Em lived in NYC, so we spent hours and hours on FaceTime with each other. In August of this year, Em moved back to LA and we finally live together! Thank god we're now in the same time zone. 

Now that we're more organized and know where both of us shines, our roles are more clear versus the early days when we were both kind of wearing the same hats and sharing the same responsibilities. Lo focuses more on the design side and Em runs everything for the business on the back end, but we both have 50/50 input on everything. 

Having each other keeps us motivated, which we have so much appreciation for. Almost 2 years into our business, we have so much respect for small business owners because it's a lot of work! We're lucky that we have each other and that we can delegate things because there's so much that goes on behind the scenes. It definitely makes things easier having each other to lean on and ask for support from.

Working hard can becoming addicting, so we try to give ourselves time on the weekend. Being a small business owner is a full time job, so we find ourselves on our computers for several hours each weekend checking in on things or editing pics. But we can't lie, we love it. 

We have so much to be proud of for our business. Every new thing we come out with is an accomplishment. We spend a lot of time designing and planning so when a new collection is launched it’s a great feeling. Midnite Minds is our baby and we can't wait to watch it grow into all our hopes and dreams. 

We're gonna end this blog with some tips for other business owners/aspiring business owners. You can do it! We learned everything through YouTube videos, watching other small businesses on TikTok, looking at our favorite brands, and literally just googling everything. Google is your friend and social media is your best friend. Most likely, other people have been asking the same questions you are so you can find answers to everything. Make your business something you are passionate about and manifest greatness into your life and you'll rock it. 

We loved sharing more about our business and we're excited to continue sharing more about us and Midnite Minds. We hope you enjoyed this blog and we'll see ya in the next one!


Lo + Em

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